Clear signs and miracles on Pluto for Sunni Islam

Glory to God. Clear signs and miracles to the whole world from God on Pluto for Sunni Islam


When we look carefully at this photo of Pluto, we will notice the following Arabic sentence


which means

Allah loves Mohammad

God loves Mohammad

And, since the heart is so big, that means (so much love) or: God loves Mohammad so much

These were made by God almighty on the surface of Pluto

If you didn’t notice the Arabic words yet, look inside the red circle & the red rectangle on the following photo where you can see the Arabic word


which means



inside the the red circle

And you can see the Arabic word


which means


inside the the red rectangle

God could make the terrains clearer words but maybe He didn’t want NASA to notice the writings before it publishes the photos officially world wide


Also the Arabic word


appears on another place of Pluto as you can see on this photo of Pluto

inside the red rectangle here


When we take a look at the following photo of Charon, the largest moon of Pluto, we notice the Arabic word


which means


So, I would suggest to NASA to change the name of this Charon to: The Moon of Mohammad. Seriously


added on 1 October 2015

Since Jesus wasn’t crucified or even killed (Quran 4/157–158) and since the crescent represent Sunni Islam for many reasons such as that the holy month of Ramadan starts when a Muslim sees its first crescent, God made something more on another side of Pluto. At the following photo of Pluto you can see the crescent getting over the cross while the cross is falling to the bottom through a hole

Notice that the crescent in this photo stands on a pole like the ones on the mosques of Sunni Muslims such as the one in the next photo


The sources of these great photos are the following 2 links from the official website of NASA

You may tell me your feelings towards this report inside this link:

Katy Perry & Justin Bieber embrace Islam here:

The Bible & NASA embrace Islam here:

What did the news say about this report of Pluto ♥ Islam?l

Although they weren’t that accurate, inside the following link you find the 2 official links of what did Mirror& The Washington Times say about this report of mine about Pluto ♥ Islam and some of my webpages over here: I hope everyone share this page through the following icons



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